The journey in which a customer takes to make a purchase has evolved. Consumers are using a number of different marketing channels which not only allow them to purchase, but also affect their buying decisions.

Every small business wants to find a way to predict which marketing channels are going to best perform when it comes to customers buying a product or service and thanks to Google, this has just got a whole lot easier.

The aim of this tool is to help business owners and marketers learn about the journey their customers are going on to purchase a product. You can visualise the roles played by each marketing channel including paid search, email and display ads.

To use this tool, choose an industry, business size and region to see how the digital marketing channels will influence a buyer before their purchase. As you can see below, channels to the left of the image have an early assisting role in a sales and channels on the right are more likely to be where the customer interacts last before making a purchase.

The next part of this tool is analysing each marketing channel in more detail. For example, a medium sized business in the Home & Garden sector. As you can see below, based on the channel being ‘email’, the percentages of when they will use this type of marketing when purchasing.

You can analyse the following channels; email, brand paid search, direct, displayed click, generated paid search, organic search, referral and social. It will then give you a small breakdown of what to expect for your business in each channel.

This tool is crucial to improve your marketing so that you are targeting your customers with the right channels, at the right time. To try this tool out yourself, click here.

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