Warren Knight works with public and private sector business leaders to create sustainable and superior competitive advantage in existing and new businesses models. Warren’s coaching helps individuals generate and evaluate disruptive ideas, innovative products, services, and bring innovations to market quickly and cost-effectively.


Emerging digital technologies have the potential to reshape the world in which we live and work. They can be game changers, creating entirely new products and services while shifting pools of value between producers, or from producers to consumers.

Leaders across organisations of all shapes and sizes must be ‘digitally ready’ – to know what’s on the horizon and start preparing and planning for it now. Warren’s keynote presentations, training and coaching will help you leverage technology to future-proof your business.



Create the culture of innovation which will enable your organisation to unlock the opportunities presented by digital transformation. Full digital transformation will encompass your sales and marketing, strategic, operation and financial planning, to find ways to embrace technologies like mobile apps, the Internet-of-Things, block chain, augmented and virtual reality.

Digital Leadership is at the core of Think Digital First’s experience. Warren will work with your leadership team to develop the strategies that will shape your organisation’s digital future.



IT offers exciting potential but is only the enabler. Ultimately, your business goal is to drive efficiency, and improve sales and profits. Finance, Human Resources, Planning, Marketing and Governance are all part of the mix. Innovation requires leaders in all disciplines who are able to analyse information and think critically. In fact, critical thinking could well be one of the most important leadership skills in a digital world, as it is a key element to developing new, creative solutions to your customers’ needs.

Think Digital First’s trainer and coach can work with your CEOs and senior management to embed critical thinking in their attitude to innovation by being a digital Leader.



Harnessing the power of Big Data in support of your business objectives could transform your business, but acquiring the technology with the capacity to handle, store and analyse high data volumes could represent a significant investment. With digital leadership you will work to identify how Big Data fits into your business strategy, build a strong business case, and ensure that your investment will support your business needs through quick wins and long-term growth.


Cyber Security and
Computer Forensics

Overcoming the complex challenges presented by today’s digital environment requires leadership with a proactive, informed perspective on cyber security and computer forensics. It is not just a reactive fix. Cyber security (the technologies, processes and controls that protect your systems, networks and data from cyber-attacks like malware or phishing) can be a driver of change.

Think Digital First’s expert consultants will evaluate your organisation’s resilience in the face of threat, and advise on developments to strengthen your people, processes and technology



Your business strategy will need to encompass how your organisation will create and deliver value to your customers. It should guide how you allocate resources, and be understood by every employee, each of whom should be empowered to execute it.

Think Digital First works with your business leaders to build robust and accurate and business models, to deliver tangible and sustainable business benefits.



Mobile technologies are driving the way organisations form and maintain relationships with their customers, and are impacting on how and where their workforce operates. Device-responsive websites, apps, and interactive technology utilising AI capability are changing the way we communicate. Your IT infrastructure requires the flexibility and scalability to adopt and adapt to new ways of working, and new developments in mobile and wearable technology.

Think Digital First training will enable your business to identify and adopt the technologies which win them business success.



Your customers are at the core of your business activity, and are crucial to building a sustainable, future-proofed organisation. Think Digital First’s keynotes, training and coaching works with your leadership to define the customer journey and acquisition process to enable you to develop an effective marketing strategy and stay ahead of trends in social media, omni-channel marketing and developing platforms.

Our expert coach, Warren Knight, is adept at assessing business need and simplifying the technical into straightforward business language.



Lean and Agile business methodologies are increasingly being adopted by larger businesses, and AI technologies are impacting on project management tools to automate basic decisions. Adopting disruptive technologies and an innovative mindset across your business requires strong leadership, adept at managing change and schooled in engaging stakeholders at all levels. Think Digital First will work with your leadership to embed tried and tested project management skills and principles in your change programs.


About Warren Knight

Warren Knight is an award-winning keynote speaker a top 100 Global Influencer and top 100 Tech Influencer, he’s internationally recognised as a speaker, trainer and coach on Digital Leadership & Digital Transformation, with nearly 15 years digital experience he’s an award-winning technology entrepreneur, certified Agile leader and author of Think #Digital First. His vision is to, by 2035, help 1,000,000 leaders globally build a workplace based on culture, community, and technology for generation Alpha.

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