One of the biggest expenses your business incurs is energy. Make your business more energy efficient and you’ll be saving money, money that can be used to reinvest into your digital marketing campaigns or into improving your digital company. Not only that, it also significantly reduces your impact on the environment.

Saving energy helps your business cut its carbon emissions and enhances your image. Those reasons alone should be enough to prompt you to keep reading. Many of the world’s most innovative minds are investing their time and money in finding better and more efficient ways to provide businesses with energy, but there’s already a wide range of technology you can take advantage of today.

If you’d like to make your business more energy efficient, here are just a few of the ways in which technology can help you.

  • Real-Time Energy Monitoring Devices

Using a real-time energy monitoring device it’s possible to determine exactly where your business is using the most energy as well as where it’s being wasted. It uses a process of mapping and analysing the amount of energy individual appliances or    equipment are using.

  • Three-in-One Solar Air Conditioning System

A system that uses solar power to heat, cool and provide hot water is available commercially. It works by using the power of the sun’s energy to heat, collect and store hot water that is then made available to use straight away. The hot water can also be sent to a solar air-conditioning unit and used for either heating or cooling the home.

  • Buy Energy Efficient Equipment

Replacing old and out-dated equipment with more energy efficient models can make a huge difference to your energy bills. In the US you need to look for Energy Star certified products, while in the UK you need to check the energy ratings labels. Ratings are given based on the size of an appliance.

  • Renewable Energy Supply

It’s important to do your homework before committing to an energy supplier as searching for the best deal can mean substantial savings. Visiting sites such as mean you can make an accurate commercial energy comparison and pick the right supplier for your business. You might need to switch business energy suppliers so your business can save money, or you might want to switch to a renewable energy supplier to reduce your company’s carbon emissions. This can keep costs low and help you appeal to the environmentally conscious consumer.

  • Smart Meter

A smart meter can help your business save time and manage costs. The technology it uses is the same as mobile phones. A smart meter sends your supplier the meter reading remotely, securely and reliably, thereby making sure your energy bills are more accurate. It also helps you manage your energy usage better.

Technology is constantly changing and there are always going to be more efficient ways you can use energy in the workplace. The trick is to keep abreast of all the latest developments and understand the best times to use them.

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